ACED Analysis

Analysis? Yes. Done with precision.

We like to cut out the middle man where we can. Analysis is a place where we get to do that.

Our analytic method is crisp and gets what we need quickly and accurately.  Our analyst engages our engineers and architect early to work directly with stakeholders to determine the features of the new system or retrofit an existing one. We map the waters we sail, rather than trust tugboats to get us there.

Joint Application Design – Design By Designers

At our core is JAD. We use it to build the project map. We loosen the rules so that people are able to speak freely and we whiteboard everything. However, we don’t have a graphic artist drawing fun pictures for us to capture. We do have an engineer who uses doodles to focus.

Our analyst has led JAD through many large and small projects, so we get to the essence quickly while keeping the parking lot attached to the project. When JAD is done, and we begin the project math exam, we determine if further analysis is needed.

If extended analysis is required we will complete stake holder interviews or shadow existing operations. If that doesn’t supply answers we will do a legacy code analysis. We save it as a last resort. Our banker tells us that code analytics is a great way for a consultant to add hours to the cost of a project. What he doesn’t know is that he isn’t really part of our team, so unless we’re really stuck, we don’t do it.

Boiling the Ocean

Our goal is not to boil the ocean but to know enough to navigate your waters. Because we don’t find the value in interpreting requirements, we use BPMN and UML diagramming to get to the heart of the project faster with less confusion. We think of it as cutting out the middle man.