ACED Engagement

Engagement to us means story. We focus on story at four levels.


The Overall Story

The overall story is always the complex one. We put a time box around each investigative spike so that we can better estimate the request. This allows us to break out the actual functionality, that our developers need,  from the analysis of how to build it. Occasionally, an investigative spike may even have its own sprint, especially when we find incremental opportunities.

The Sprint Story

The sprint story is a bundle of stories that need to be broken into user stories. It will contain parts that are both iterative and incremental. We will identify these separately so that our sprints effectively plan for all the road blocks we can see.

The User Story

The user story is small enough to fit on an index card. It tells us about the functionality that the user needs. Our user stories are:

  • Posted in the sprint
  • Point to a conversation that completes the details
  • Plug in the tests needed to complete it

Our user stories are independent so that we can pick it off the wall and just do them.

The Team Story

We place our highest value on the team story. It is the non-technical vision that helps us find ways to have fun with the work itself. Sprints are aggressive spot-on events at Hannon Technology and our team stories soften that experience so that we quickly block and tackle the serious challenges that come when bright people work quickly and closely.