What’s It Gonna Cost?

First, You Should Know What You Get

Over the past 16 years we have worked on several large and small projects in the United States and Canada. Our latest projects have been at NBC Universal in Hollywood California where we brought new functionality to the business division that accounts for royalty payments. In addition to NBC we have worked with Best Buy, JP Morgan Chase, Washington Mutual, MDS Pharmaservices, Ford Motor Credit, Bell Canada, T-Fal Canada, Naz Wellness Pharmacies, and CSR (Corporations Supporting Recycling).

We specialize in data and its management – all of it from the transaction to it’s audit and integration. In each of the companies we’ve listed we have worked to increase data quality and system efficiency, successfully managing or architecting projects from $500K to $25 million. In short, we:

  • build, integrate, or audit systems,
  • design and implement warehouses,
  • build out business intelligence solutions,
  • create and deploy mobile apps,
  • streamline business processes,
  • increase production efficiency, and
  • manage customer facing projects for international sales.

We are interested in new projects for 2017. Our pricing model can be broken down into both specialized consulting and hands-on management. We’re comfortable with both. Because we are flexible, we make your contracts flexible as well. Below are the standard recommendations we make based on the kind of engagement you require.

When You Know Exactly What You Want From Us

Projects with clearly defined specifications are generally offered a fixed price incentive fee contract. When your vision is clear, and you agree we understand it completely, we like to prove our value to you. These contracts let us challenge ourselves by tightening either scope, time, or quality markers and showing you what it’s like to have us exceed those goals. We don’t plan on losing an incentive – and haven’t.

When You Need Us To Help You Define Your Product or Project As We Go

When we work with you to set targets based on mutually-agreed-upon deliverables we generally offer you a cost plus award fee or a cost plus incentive fee contract. We’re confident we can exceed your expectations when engaged under these conditions and are willing to prove ourselves by meeting targets early. For bringing your project in early and under budget we reduce the contract fee and claim defined incentives or awards when we exceed your expectations.

When You Want Us To Help You Through a Short-term Crisis

Everyone gets into a pinch sometime. When you’re in one, you really just want someone with skills and expertise to come in quickly, help you get out of the weeds, and then leave so you to finish the game on your own. For those moments we like to use a simple time and materials contract. It lets you contract us for a short time, on almost an ad-hoc or hourly basis, and pay for just what you need. As you can appreciate, these are harder for us because your crisis may come during another commitment, but you will not know if you don’t ask. And if we can’t help you when you need it we can most often get you in touch with someone we believe in to help you out, often someone we cover under our own insurance policy to give you piece of mind that we’re willing to share in your risk.

When You’re Exploring Ideas and Want a Highly Qualified But Fairly Priced Opinion

Not sure what you want and don’t want to lock into a complicated contract to figure it out? We like a cost-reimbursable contract for this. In short, we give you an order-of-magnitude estimate during a preliminary call and then create an open contract that lets us bill you as we go. We generally like to do short frequent invoicing for these so that your accounting group can easily audit the invoice.

So that is what we offer. You can call us and explore for free. We recommend you do. Our number is 800.664.1614.