• Your Presence Honors Us

    We are passionate about building stuff and having fun doing it. More important, our team feels the same way. We enjoy our work and our engineers are quirky enough to think that 7x7 Rubik's cubes are stress relievers. That passion spills out into … [Continue Reading]

    Your Presence Honors Us
  • What Happens When I Call?

    If you call us at 800.664.1614 we answer the phone. Occasionally, our PBX has to locate us, so we supply a bit of jazz for the few seconds it can take to send your call through. This first call is a fact finding mission for you and us. Let’s talk … [Continue Reading]

    What Happens When I Call?
  • Who is Hannon Technology?

    Hannon Technology is a systems design and management shop. We are Agile focused and work with an ACED based framework; Analysis, Compliance, Engagement and Design. It gets us where we want to go and maps the journey for anyone to follow. We leave you … [Continue Reading]

    Who is Hannon Technology?

What’s On Our Minds These Days?

Teamwork Skills and the Storyteller

The Storyteller has an odd role in team dynamics. While he is often the strongest of glues it is not unusual for him to remain the outsider. This article takes a peek at this stranger in our midst.

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hannontechnolog @hannontechnolog
Terry Hannon  @hannontechnolog
Interview With Bruce Tuchman: Masters in Business (Audio) by Bloomberg View via #soundcloud https://t.co/0XSYON1sfk 
Terry Hannon  @hannontechnolog
Customer Experience in FinTech: Where Users’ Needs Come First https://t.co/E4Pnho0zjy 
Terry Hannon  @hannontechnolog
Hackers won't take a holiday this Christmas so neither can your cyber protection systems https://t.co/zGVqmdnjAq 

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